Various Artists - Rapscallions EP

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  • One of those great little oases of techno in London, Save You Records line up four tracks that cut across the genre to mark their 20th birthday. Hypercolour co-owner Ste Roberts yanks you straight into the swollen 3 AM melee of a darkened warehouse with "Tram and Pier," a heads-down jam with jacking Detroit signifiers and a submarine-deep bass thump. Roberts then hands over his own "Week 8" to fellow Yorkshireman Youandewan. With a taut, woody, metronomic click as its backbone, Ewan Smith takes it down the Basic Channel route; it's dub techno spliced to a murky reggae bassline, with itchy synth blips and percussive tics scuttling over it like roaches. Kris Wadsworth's reworking of MarcAshken's "Feeders" is twisted techno of the head-nodding, late night shuffle variety, with wobbling bass and nagging synth digs. It's rounded off by Jay Tripwire's own edit of "Sad and Beautiful World," a sprawling, trippy groove with jagged, echo-laden keys.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Ste Roberts - Tram and Pier A2 Ste Roberts - Week 8 (Youandewan remix) B1 MarcAshken - Feeders (Kris Wadsworth's Red Tape remix) B2 Jay Tripwire - Sad and Beautiful World edit