Ruffhouse - Demand

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  • Alongside Samurai Music and a few others, Ingredients Records has been pushing the more minimal side of drum & bass for a few years. The imprint, founded by DJ Psylence, was an early home to rising stars Skeptical and Dub Phizix and, here, presents their second offering from talented newcomers Ruffhouse. A trio from Bristol composed of Pessimist, Vega and Cooper, they talked recently about taking influence from CLR techno artists like Tommy Four Seven and Monoloc. Their tunes sound like it. "Demand" and "Division 3" are unrelenting industrial-sized techno shifted up in tempo to 170 BPM. Because there's so much space between the beats, it feels like halftime—but halftime drum & bass often seems to signify a break in the action. This sort of brutal music is anything but. It's the main event.
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      A Demand B Division