Lee Foss & MK feat. Anabel Englund - Electricity EP

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  • They may be two Americans representing the old(ish) and new schools of house, but it's a Mittel European sound the pairing of Lee Foss and MK forge on the brace of tracks they produce together here. The sultry warble of LA singer Anabel Englund dominates "Electricity," although her consonant mangling—"crowded" becomes "cra-id," "doubt it" turns into "dow id"—may challenge some. It's a restrained record musically, Foss' synth mastery shining through in the rubbery melodies, while there's definite MK-isms present, especially the cut-up and stretched vocal vignettes. Before leaving the London-based Foss to his own devices on the flip, the duo also collaborate on "Goodnight Moon," a chugging house jam of jerky bass synths and Miami Vice drums, with an odd bedtime story for accompaniment. There's a definite b-boy lean to Foss's jerky "Could Be" with its agitated synth attacks, although it's softened by cooing r&b vocals and a gently prodded bassline. The EP's most strident effort, "B5 The Drinks," uses a strangulated guitar lick, 8-bit synths and yet more hip-hop trace elements to create an uprocking, 21st century party cut.
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      A1 Lee Foss & MK feat. Anabel Englund - Electricity A2 Lee Foss & MK - Goodnight Moon B1 Lee Foss - Could Be B2 Lee Foss - B5 the Dinks