Bobby Champs - Steve Martin EP

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  • Having built up a head of steam with two impressive releases for Pictures Music, Bobby Champs' Hypercolour debut once more shows a predilection for snarling, sharp-elbowed, tech-edged house. Tightly-wound tribal drums dominate "Steve Martin," joined by vocal samples stretched taut like rubber bands and a tripped out synth motif. (Are there hints of Superchumbo's "Revolution" in there?) It threatens to go nuttier than it actually does, settling to play out to a gritty, percussive throb. Champs builds "NYC Panther" around a more looser framework of click-clacking wood blocks, sharp, flashing kicks and some nice, jabbing pads. The use of quirky vocal samples are still there, although in truth, you wonder if they're a bit too intrusive and might benefit from being stripped out altogether. The best of the triumvirate is "Brooklyn Bomb," a coarse, mid-set pace changer which quickly moves from canter to a brisk gallop of shuddering, metallic thuds and finger-clicks.
  • Tracklist
      01. Steve Martin 02. NYC Panther 03. Brooklyn Bomb