Xamiga - Unsolved Universe

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  • Unsolved Universe is a three-track EP from Xamiga, another pseudonym to add to an impressive armory of alter-egos belonging to Danny Wolfers (the archly amusing Catnip, Smackulator and Macho Cat Garage feature among several group aliases, not counting in excess of 20 other individual projects). This latest alias, Wolfers' second collaboration with Xosar after their debut on L.I.E.S., seems less a symptom of the Dutch producer's restlessness than a necessary signpost, a slipway that veers from the jacking VHS exoticism of Pacific House. "Wolfpack," the pick of the three tracks here, typifies Xamiga's more muted patina: an oozing synth, looped like a Mobius strip, glides over a collage of bruised vowels, twisted, sliced and battered into a stew that you can't help but want to sink into. Meanwhile, "Kermit's Day Out" tweaks the record's stated formula—"music to jack to loudly while closing your eyes softly"—by importing a familiar Chicago-style skip over another densely layered collage of melodies, ascending and collapsing more like cresting waves than the softly lapping waters of "Wolfpack." "Unsolved Universe" delves into more of the same sort of territory, employing a similar ensemble of ambient, spectral cassette tricks, but it feels a little lifeless by comparison. That said, if Xamiga is a partnership Xosar and Legowelt wish to explore further—their Soundcloud page suggests another release before the year is out—then on the evidence of this offering, it might be an alias with some staying power.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Kermit's Day Out A2 Unsolved Universe B Wolfpack