Lakker - Torann EP

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  • In his review of Lakker's Arc EP earlier this year, Philip Sherburne noted the Irish duo's commendable range. On their second EP for Blueprint this year, Torann, that range manifests in unpredictability. Like a techno-centric Mount Kimbie or darker-hewed Mouse on Mars, Lakker brings a tangibility and playfulness to machine music that makes you wonder what sounds are coming next. For the most part, though, the Torann EP has enough of a regular pulse to keep you moving the way a Blueprint release should. Opener "Summer Rains" sounds like an acid tune that lost its way (or was willfully led astray) on a cold, damp night. You'd expect something equally ambient to follow, but "Mustard Crying"—woozily rhythmic and packed to the gills with misfired zaps—couldn't come as more of a shock. Much of "CIAR" sounds like James Ruskin played through shredded laptop speakers. The aptly titled "Static & Amp," meanwhile, may have been composed to the tune a roommate was humming in the shower. With one last blissful malfunction in the form of "One Note," Lakker solidify their racket as one to listen out for.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Summer Rains A2 Mustard Crying B1 Ciar B2 Static & Amp B3 One Note