Rrose - Wedge of Chastity

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  • Although Rrose's alma mater record label, Sandwell District, may now be defunct, the actively ambiguous American producer shows no signs of slowing down. After launching his own experimental techno label, Eaux, earlier this year and making true-to-name appearances dressed as a sophisticated, chic female, Rrose has continued to pursue elusiveness while garnering an enthusiastic following amongst techno purists. Without a doubt, the release of Wedge of Chastity will further reinforce the sonic niche that the Eaux label has carved out for itself. Anyone lucky enough to have caught a recent live set by Rrose will undoubtedly recognize the nauseating, stair-climbing madness of "Cavity." It's a horrifying panic attack of a song that manifests its unsettling effect through the use of frantically rising organ synth patterns and snappy-yet-dirty claps. After five minutes of hysteria, the track seems to crumble in on itself, collapsing into an echoing void. It's clearly the standout track of the release. The B-sides stumble along at a slower pace. "Envy" is a warm yet skeletal track, strung together with distorted synthetic backbone and adorned with squeamish, alien background noises. What starts as a stripped down techno track gradually blossoms into a moody strut. "Wedge" has similarly woozy flow, lethargically fading in with a slimy growl that eventually slips into resonant screams. The track chugs along with bubbling atmospheres and rusting metal percussion, gliding forward like a locomotive through a swamp.
  • Tracklist
      A Cavity B1 Envy B2 Wedge