FIT feat. Gunnar Wendel - Enter The Fog

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  • Drafted in specifically to add bite to Aaron "FIT" Siegel's second release on Omar-S's label, Kassem Mosse (billed here under his own name, Gunnar Wendel) supplies keyboard programming with a freight cargo thump that has become a hallmark of the German producer's most notable work. Taken as a whole, though, the EP retains a sketch-like quality synonymous with both FXHE and Wendel. "Roll Out," for example, feels like the coalescing of two or three ideas across its mid-tempo stomp. A noodling synth—the sort you'd hear at the title sequence of a high school science documentary—oscillates quietly before Wendel's mud-caked drums enter what begins to escalate into a fray once the duo's floor-appropriate bassline slots itself in. "Enter the Fog" is an even more interesting fruition of the push-and-pull dynamic at play between FIT and Wendel. The former's plaintive Yamaha strokes lend an unsettling, gothic quality to another hard-nosed groove, with shutter-speed handclaps that sound almost as tough as the low-end. "Fog Beats," meanwhile, gouges the melody out completely, leaving a cacophonous husk of kicks, hats and claps that, while useful, highlight FIT's importance to a fine collaboration.
  • Tracklist
      A Enter The Fog B1 Roll Out B2 Fog Beats