AnD - Features Vol. 3

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  • By Repitch Recordings' account, the name of their Features series refers to what's rendered inscrutable in the creepy photographs that grace its covers. Melding the artist's face with those of others, the pictures obscure what might make these producers recognizable. Features Vol. 3 isn't exactly about faceless techno, though. Manchester duo AnD have maintained the rhythmic play and heavy low-end that served them well in their brief dubstep days, even as they've journeyed into techno these last few years. So while "Making Circles" pounds as hard as the next Berghain banger, its wide kick refuses to stick to the downbeat. Svreca maintains the original's clank but lightens the load considerably on his remix, giving AnD's peculiar tinges of melody space to rattle around. Pitch-black and all bass, "Deep Consciousness" is about as straight as AnD will play it, though when the curtains part at about the two-thirds mark, we hear a bit of funk that appears to be lurking just below the surface. "Lost Withouht G," included as a digital bonus, might be the most interesting one of all: spending nearly three minutes teasing out a melody on distorted piano before the beat even drops, it's a welcome and highly musical respite from the thud of the last three cuts.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Making Circles A2 Making Circles (Svreca Remix) B1 Deep Consciousness B2 Lost Without G