Daniel Avery - Water Jump

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  • Over the past year Daniel Avery has become one of the most talked about producers in electronic music. And why not? He's been feted by Andrew Weatherall, secured a deal with Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound and has a forthcoming mix for fabric. This wave of hype has been backed up with results: Avery's singles for Phantasy have been uniformly excellent and always surprising. His sound is coherent—an English take on Chloe/Ivan Smagghe perhaps—but it's also proved mighty versatile as well. Water Jump is no exception. Its title track has the typical machines undergirding his tidy breakbeat, but with a female voice moaning in time and a creepy "water... water jump" vocal going around as well, there's a foreboding sense that things could've gotten far darker if he had let it. "Drone Logic" reveals what it says on the tin, and "Reception" is a tough, acidic banger which breaks down into nothingness before getting rebuilt from the ground-up. Closer "A Quiet Life" is something else altogether. Ten minutes long, it hints that Avery has been listening to The Chems' "The Private Psychedelic Reel." It's not a bad reference point to have, all things considered. It's why Avery sounds so fresh: Underground dance music with this sort of ambition hasn't been heard in quite a while.
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      A1 Water Jump A2 Drone Logic B1 Reception B2 A Quiet Life