Black & Medley feat. Rosina - Roll the Dice

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  • New Kanada's just-left-of-center sound continues on their newest EP, Roll the Dice. Underneath "Roll the Dice"'s beat it sounds like someone is determinedly scouring the floor back and forth for six minutes straight. And then right as a 303 line comes in, so does Rosina. A few Rosinas actually. She coos in one ear and belts it out in the other, creating a disorienting moment of frisson. There's another one when it takes ten seconds after someone yells "it's party time!" for the beat to come back in during the breakdown. It shouldn't be much of a surprise: New Kanada tracks rarely go in the way that you expect them to. Even the self-proclaimed bangers. Label boss Adam Marshall takes the B-side, offering up a "Warehouse Dub" of the original. Unlike many tracks with a similar name, it actually does sound like it was recorded in an enormous, empty space. Marshall uses 303 and Rosina accents to create a tension that is never resolved. (In a good way.)
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      A Roll The Dice B Roll The Dice (Adam Marshall Warehouse Dub)