Braiden - Belfry Tower

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  • With this release on Rush Hour, Steve Braiden has effectively tripled his solo production output in one fell swoop. (Easy when you only have a single track to your name.) Here, the Rinse FM DJ appears on Dutch institution Rush Hour with tunes that reflect both associations. The former pirate radio station has opened its doors to more continental European styles over the past few years, and both tracks sound about as house as you'd expect. Nonetheless, there's a certain approach to low-end that runs through each that could only be the work of someone from the UK (or someone that only started listening to house after coming through the hardcore continuum). "Belfry Tower" seems like it's going to march in place with random swells and bells throughout, but more than halfway in a melody starts to make itself known. If it's not really obvious, that's probably the point. Just wonky enough to be interesting, just floor-driven enough to keep you dancing. "Paganini" is more immediately arresting, taking a lengthy sample from a recording of Ella Fitzgerald standard "(If You Can't Sing It) You'll Have to Swing It (Mr. Paganini)." It doesn't sound like Fitzgerald—the singer is too sweet—although that may just be down to the tinkling organ. It takes nearly two minutes to grab a beat, but by the time it does, you're already hooked.
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      A Belfry Tower B Paganini