Lena Deen - Sleep Don't Come Easily

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  • Lena Deen's two tracks on her debut for Prologue show a flair for expansive, grandiose themes with an exotic, mystical air to them. "Sleep Don't Come Easily" emerges from near silence into a portentous, rumbling, wind rush of deep chords. But then, from sounding like a meditation CD, a tinny, squashed-up breakbeat arrives on the scene and a subtle, stretched out synth melody kicks in. The womblike aura of the lead track are still present in "Hoover 904," which glides by glacially, all paranoid synth swells and bubbling downtempo kicks. Claudio PRC's remix of "Sleep Don't Come Easily" sits easily between the two. The Italian's blend of sensual, trippy techno picks up on the original's trance-like atmosphere (in the psychological rather than musical sense), but pushes it more towards the dance floor with a clanging, oscillating rhythm track, fucked-up church bells and metronomic secondary pulse. Moody can be self-indulgent, but not here.
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      A Sleep Don't Come Easily B1 Sleep Don't Come Easily (Claudio PRC Remix) B2 Hoover 904