Don Nino - Beats Remixed

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  • This intriguing, unpredictable package of remixes of French alt-folker Don Niño's "Beats" is overwhelmed somewhat by one reworking that comes under the "event" banner. That accolade goes to Chloé, who twists the quirky, slow-burning campfire mood of the original into an echo-drenched, dubby freakout. An elastic bassline pings and pops the length of the track, which is peppered with off-kilter handclaps and bursts of scouring, metallic noise. Long-time Air cohort and Franco Krautrocker Turzi doesn't veer too far from the original, save for some frantic, heavily-distorted galloping guitar, heavenly synth flute and an eerie ice cream van chime. Finally, Mexican producer Cubenx takes things back to the (traditional) dance floor with a take that adopts trancey stylings—growling distorted bass synths, a twinkle-toed keyboard line—and lashes them to mid-paced live percussion.
  • Tracklist
      01. Beats (Radio Edit) 02. Beats (Remix by Cubenx) 03. Beats (Remix by Turzi) 04. Beats (Remix by Chloe)