Triumph - Discover

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  • Are certain types of saxophone tracks forever destined to be associated with Laurent Garnier's The Man With the Red Face? If they continue to sound like Triumph's "Discover," then probably. Whether consciously or not, the Spanish artist has hit upon the same potent combination: deep, sweeping pads, lonesome sax peals and a rigid percussive backbone. Although it may sound very similar, his version isn't a mere clone. It never reaches the same intensely tortured heights, for instance, instead favouring a background of luminous gold chords, and a calmer disposition. The two remixes are markedly different. Ian O'Donovan's version simply shimmers, meaty drums and impossibly thin strings dancing around the still pivotal sax. Hotflush staple Jimmy Edgar shies away from this cantering, heavily-syncopated path, opting instead to emphasise his kicks by stacking organs and glancing chords right on top of them. Though this halting cadence takes longer to pay off, it proves as effective as its brethren, Edgar splicing in emphatic new vocals to complement his more understated sax.
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      A1 Discover (Jimmy Edgar Remix) A2 Discover (Original Reprise) B Discover (Ian O'Donovan Remix)