Population One - Midnight Hours

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  • Terrence Dixon is a busy man these days. In addition to releasing a new album under his own name this year, he revived his old Population One alias for releases on Harbour City Sorrow and the newly minted Chronicle imprint. This time, the Detroit producer's alter ego strikes on Delsin, and atmospheric weirdness is mostly shelved in favour of a for-the-jugular attack. That's not to say the strange quality of those previous EPs is gone. It's just trampled by the sheer velocity of tunes that each reach close to 140 BPM. At this speed, they're almost all kick drum. A ratty, broken drum that is, kicking up dust and debris all around the occasional hi-hat that struggles to break through the wall of noise. Slippery keyboard melodies blanket the rest of the midrange, like he can't quite get his fingers straight enough to play a proper melody. As its title would suggest, "Two Sides to Every Story" is a refashioning of sorts. This time an eerie string melody is thrown underneath the crunchy, crackling kicks, while the same lopsided melody bleats in the chaos like a beacon in a storm.
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      A Midnight Hours B Two Sides To Every Story