Francis Inferno Orchestra - Astral Breeze EP

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  • Griffin James' latest three-tracker for Leeds' FINA label is smooth as deep house gets, though it preserves just enough grit to keep it interesting. "Astral Breeze" moves with an easygoing gait beneath lush pads, mono-syllabic vocal samples and pumping piano chords; the stuttering voice is a call to action, while the slack groove tamps down the lid on the bubbling pot, and the bassline is smart enough to stay out of the way. "Here's to Feeling Good All the Time" is more conflicted than its title might suggest; chopped-up diva vocals nudge the vibe towards abandon, but the stacked chords are tinged with sadness, and the chunky, swinging drum track moves as though shuffling off shackles. "Silk & Smoove" is plenty smoove; it also comes closest to approximating the sound suggested by James' alias, with whoops and string vamps licking like flames around keenly syncopated disco breaks and suffused in a haze of crowd noise.
  • Tracklist
      A Astral Breeze B1 Here's To Feeling Good All The Time B2 Silk & Smoove