GU:025 - Deep Dish - Toronto

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  • So Deep Dish’s latest Global Underground release hit stores around the world earlier this month and although I wanted to get this review up before now, I really wanted to give this CD some hardcore listening time so it really has the chance to mature... and I can hopefully give you a reasonable run down of what I think of this, Deep Dish's latest serving in the GU compilation stakes.. Disc One Now don’t get me wrong when I say ‘disc one is the softer of the pair’ because having said that, it is compiled with a different purpose. With disc two covering is your banging progressive club set, Disc One is a much more funky and infectious piece of work. It make take you a few listens to really get into the groove of this disc, but as much as you will want to neglect its funkiness it will haunt you and your ears will crave some of the better tunes on this compilation. None more so than the first track, possibly the best of the first disc, the amazingly funky, mood lifting and booty shaking house tune by Louie Vega and Joy ‘Sinister’ Sealee featuring the beautiful vocals of Julie McKnight. This tune features an amazing beat that will almost certainly put you in party mode before a few deep housey tunes start this disc on its journey. Continuing the flow started by the first few tunes is Sultan & The Greek, with the Samio B acapella version of ‘Rezin’. It creates a positive sounding stage for the tight little track that to follow. Cheky & Spider with the Killer mix of ‘In Love’ which, has some nice background samples and together with the next track ‘Sacred Dance’ featuring some more great vocals, this time by Melanie together with production by Electric Mood really show you what this disc is all about, housey, deep, and vocal sounds. Things head back along a more cheesy house angle with the impressive remix of the big Ibiza type tune ‘Doves’ (‘I’ll be loving you’) by Mooney. This mix, provided by John Creamer and Stephane K is unlike any others giving this tune a real touch of class. This is all before the hammering ‘Until The End’ drops and really winds this disc out, a very impressive tune which leads to Seroya with ‘Only Your Love’ closing things up with in a rather laid back fashion. Disc Two From the moment you press play it is easy to tell that Disc two is where the Deep Dish boys are really getting down to business. They break the silence with Situation 2wo’s Way2Tite, an ear pleasuring vocal progressive track that is both atmospheric and uplifting. Things continue to rise with ‘Breezer’ the recent rifting collaboration between giant names Sasha and Junkie XL from which things get deep and dirty, as there is ‘Work To Do’. The latest track by Sander Kleinenberg (feat. Miss Bunty) that follows. This second CD continues at great pace and although it doesn’t features big tune after big tune, it is really quite refined and maintains a great progressive club sound. It offers a rather good snap shot of where the progressive sound is currently at and really shows that the progressive sound continues strongly and is being fueled by some very talented producers. Phil Keran’s tune ‘I Love You’ really goes down well and slides in perfectly before, Behrouz & Andy’s remix of Knightly Key’s ‘Never Felt This Way’. The Youngsters help finish up this interesting ride of house styles with ‘Break Them Up’ a mood build and evolving sound that really sets up this compilation for a cracking finish. And disc two is ended in the best of ways, James Holden was already very highly regarded as a producer before ‘Nothing’ was released and topped many electronic charts around the world and this ‘93 Returning’ remix is a great take on the original providing both an uplifting and mellow way to run out Global Underground’s latest compilation. The Deep Dish boys have done a great job in putting together some really special tunes with this release and yes, there are a couple of weaker ones but that’s life. Which disc is better? Is a question I don’t think a valid answer can be given. As disc one grabs you in some very nice ways, and disc two provides a great dancefloor set it depends on personal taste, and to be honest I think they are both just quality listening. The tracklist really doesn’t do this CD justice as some of the songs are fitted very well, and some of the newer tracks that you may be yet to hear will really get you grooving. This compilation is well worth getting your hands on and giving it a proper time as you will grow to love it more and more with each listen. If that wasn’t enough, there are two ‘Afterclub’ CD’s being released to make the total CD set with this compilation 4. Sharam and Dubfire each lay down a 70 minute mix with these two separately released limited edition CD singles. (they will be in stores around the world from July).