Zombie Nation - Meathead

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  • The blurb accompanying Zombie Nation's Meathead EP described it as "a much-needed hot beef injection" into a dance scene that's "become a little too vegan-friendly for our liking." I mention this not just because it's the sort of over-the-top promo copy that brings a smile to an RA staffer's face, but because it struck me as straight-up wrong from the moment I started listening. Yes, Zombie Nation is a late '90s-era International Deejay Gigolos signee and the former duo (Florian Senfter now carries the torch solo) behind the 1999 megahit "Kernkraft 400"—a beefy CV, to be certain. But as squelchy and grinding as the Meathead EP might get at times, it's commendably well-balanced. Not vegan, exactly, but Senfter definitely managed to fit an asparagus spear or two on this platter. Its buzzsaw synths taking no prisoners, the title cut comes heaviest. But with an uncluttered arrangement built around bouncing organic drums, it's hardly the heaving mass it could have been. Melodically abstract and set to a strolling beat, "Attic Sundays" is almost confusingly well-behaved. A little of that bottled-up tension seeps out on "Blueberries," though until it explodes in its final minute or so we get only angry hisses. A little overdriven disco sneaks into the interlude-like "Schoove," paving the way for Zoo Brazil's downright nerdy "Blueberries" remix. Sure, Meathead isn't exactly a light meal, but it's not likely to raise your cholesterol by more than a blip.
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      A1 Sausage Fest A2 Attic Sundays B1 Blueberries B2 Schoove