Michna - Moving Mountains

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  • Last we heard from Adrian Michna, he was turning out deep, ruminative electro and hip-hop in 2008 that reflected his upbringing in Miami and New York (as well as his home on Ghostly). Four years later, he still sounds every bit the Ghostly artist—melodious, versatile, a little bit sensitive—and he also sounds far more distinctive, even if all four tracks are significantly different from one another. "Titanium Glaciers" sounds like the Cure's Seventeen Seconds turned into a spring-loaded boom-bap track, like a gothed-out version of DJ Shadow's "The Number Song." "Wanted Exotic" flips to the opposite end of the spectrum with a neon-streaked bounce on the cusp between '80s electro pop and Metro Area. "Through the City on the Edge of Forever," utilizing virtually identical chords and synth patches, sounds like it may have come from the same session; here, though, he slows the pace and mists the atmosphere with layered vocals and a hint of white noise, and reimagining New Order with trombones in place of that high-necked bass. "The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale" is a small, quiet sketch for piano and wordless, layered vocals; it sounds a little like a tribute to Windham Hill, right down to the burbling brook and warbling birdsong.
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      A1 Titanium Glaciers A2 Wanted Exotic B1 Through The City On The Edge Of Forever B2 The Tabernacle At Pendrell Vale