Various Artists - Delayed EP 1

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  • Richard Harmer (Black Key Records) and Paul Budd (Disco Deviant) have joined forces for Delayed Audio, and decided to gather together quite a cabal of talent for the Brighton label's debut. Nottingham house ace Chamboche mixes together deep house swells, jerky broken beats, snappy toms and a pinging bassline on "Anodyne," accompanied throughout by digital yaps and a clanging acidic assault as it reaches its denouement. The rumbling early hours house of Session9's "Ambient Clutter" hovers into view, only to be fired upon by intruder alarm synth squelches and dubby aural bullets. But it's his remix, by rising Northern Irish neo-garage tyro, Ejeca, which really crackles with intent. What sounds like a muted end-of-the-pier organ battles with a bassline that fires off indiscriminately, before a cascade of deep house keys tumble down. Then, at its midpoint, it's pushed through a garagey sieve, taking it off towards a new direction. The spitting tech house of "Superstition," by Dutch producer Last Mood, wears a furrowed brow in comparison. It's raw like blue steak in places, little more than a twanging percussive snap and itchy synth twinges. As a line in the sand for a new label, this EP is a confident, well-defined one.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Chamboche - Anodyne A2 Session9 - Ambient Clutter B1 Session9 - Ambient Clutter (Ejeca Remix) B2 Last Mood - Superstition