Tom Middleton - Penrose Steps EP

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  • It's something of a surprise that dance music stalwarts like Messrs Middleton and Wink haven't collaborated earlier. But this hook-up with the latter's label has obviously given fresh impetus to the man with one of the most impeccably coiffured beards in house. "Penrose Steps" begins with galloping percussion—taut, clipped drums with the air sucked out of them—before quickly descending into overlaid chiming musical scales with a frenzied, diabolic quality about them. Middleton even indulges in some Winkisms with a stupidly wild breakdown of Grand Canyon-sized proportions. The flip, "Hawkes' Groove," takes the mood down a notch and follows Luke Solomon's recent EP in paying homage to the late Brighton house legend, Kenny Hawkes. Featuring some well-trodden Middleton signifiers—trippy synth swells as its bedrock, those little cosmic growls and celestial ambient washes—it's a reminder that after two decades, one of the scene's polyglots is as musically fertile as ever.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Penrose Steps A2 Shephard Tone Up Lock Groove A3 Shephard Tone Down Lock Groove B Hawkes Groove