MPIA3 - Ely

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  • Its huge, over-driven kicks are far from inviting, but spend a bit of time with AViAN's fifth record, and a method to the madness emerges. Produced by Truss, a London-dweller with proven form on Perc Trax, the 303-driven EP makes particularly good use of texture. The acid line in "Ely" is perhaps the most corrosive I've ever heard. Wrung of its gloopy liquidity, it saws violently at the track's lower registers, rather than simply eating away at them. In concert with rusty hi-hats and the thunderous drums, it makes the idea of subtlety seem outright pretentious. The B-side feels comparatively restrained, but that isn't saying much. There's a hint of Hitchcock buried in its screeching horror synths, which again pair with roughed-up percussion to enact a massive beatdown. Brutal? Unquestionably.
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      A Ely B Squatters Dog