Slam - Campana

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  • This year Slam seem to have pushed their sound to the brink. By my count, at least four new releases with original tracks and almost as many remix EPs have been issued by the Scottish duo in 2012, along with a two-disc compilation featuring more of their material from the past few years. With all that output in mind, does this release still sound distinctively Slam, or just predictably Slam? Here, it's hard not to employ the latter descriptor. That's not to say that "Campana" isn't a solid track. Propelled through hissing atmospheres, it boasts an infectious little vocal loop and sputters of digital noises—which is just enough to keep things catchy. The problem is it's not too far removed from any other tech-y big room banger that Slam have recently crafted. Meanwhile on the B-side, Gary Beck's remix is stripped of the vocal bits, and aside from a deeper, fuller low-end, he does few favors. Snare drum riffs abound in an attempt to liven things up, but I think only Beck's most dedicated fans will be able to enjoy the track's predictable swells of white noise. The original is a decent-enough jam, but better work from both acts—especially Slam—can be found elsewhere.
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      A Campana B Campana (Gary Beck Remix)