Robert Hood - Torque One

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  • With each new long-player that hits shelves, just how many tracks miss the cut, perhaps never to be released? "Movement," the B-side on Robert Hood's latest 12-inch, feels like that perfectly appropriate track that unfortunately got left by the wayside. In his review of Hood's recent Motor: Nighttime World 3, Tony Naylor commented on the album's intense sense of humanism; a quality "Movement" has in spades. The thing I like most is how it blends familiar "human" sounds—shimmering, bittersweet strings—with distinctly non-human spooky, theremin-like tones. The two perform an elegant slow dance, pattering toms keeping gentle time. The A-side, "Torque One," which can be found on the album, isn't nearly as affecting. Here, Hood burrows 4/4 drums into masses of pillowy chords. Their genial swelling can't match the crisp refinement of "Movement"'s strings. Nevertheless, the track's many small details—mewing synths and scuffing percussion, for instance—keep it from sounding routine. As Motor has already shown, Hood's still got it, after all these years.
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      A Torque One AA Movement