Violetshaped - The Remixes Part 1 EP

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  • The Violet Poison label is a relatively new vinyl-only venture operated by Violet Poison himself, a certain "mysterious man in a dungeon" who first launched the label late last year, and Shapednoise, an Italian-born DJ and producer now based in Berlin. After two records that exposed a fetish for murky, droning techno, The Remixes Part 1 is a welcome move towards diversity which features three of today's more compelling experimental artists on remix duties. Up first is former Vex'd member Roly Porter, with his version of the unreleased "The Lord Won't Forget." Fans of Porter's excellent Aftertime LP from last year will surely enjoy the nearly eight minute-long trip he lays out here, one cratered seemingly at random with gnarled, sustained bass kicks and filled with deep swells of feedback and subtle modern classical motifs. On the flip we get two fast-paced rhythmic workouts from Vatican Shadow and Kangding Ray. The latter artist adds to a busy year of remixes by taking "The Oven" from VPN002 and creating something with a half-time pulse that's far removed in structure from the original yet, thanks to its cold mechanical shrieks and squelches, is similarly spooky. But the most thrilling track of the three is Vatican Shadow's rework of "Delusory Parasitosis," another unreleased track (for now), which aligns itself to a thunderous syncopated beat—but for me it's all about those distinctive synth lines that flutter and zig-zag desperately through the percussive chaos.
  • Tracklist
      A The Lord Won't Forget (Roly Porter Remix) B1 Delusory Parasitosis (Vatican Shadow Remix) B2 The Over (Kangding Ray Remix)