Various Artists - Let's Play House Sampler

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  • Disco is as strong as ever in the Big Apple, with entities like Discovery and Let's Play House holding down the fort. The Renault-run LPH label's eighth release is a various artists label sampler that doubles as a mini-manifesto for the club night. The affair kicks off with mysterious London edit master Dead Rose Music Company, whose "Your Kisses" is another flippant display of deft sample-flipping. Endowing an ecstatic disco sample with a housey oomph, he lets the strings freewheel through the track; going easy on the filters and the compression means his edit has more life than most. New York local Pixelife chooses to build a track from the ground up—the jiggly, bottom-heavy "Mystery Clock"—which oozes melody via oscillating arpeggios before a splashy but subdued acid line makes everything a bit wetter. UK hot-streaking duo Bicep again show their effortless ability to make retro house sound glossy and modern, setting pillbox drum machines against a luxurious backdrop of gently lolling chords. Brooklyn group Midnight Magic are the odd ones out here: their horn-heavy fanfare and sensually bounding basslines feel unusually lifelike placed next to the drum machines of the others, but with its bulky Hercules & Love Affair arrangement and enthusiastic vocal, it works anyways.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Dead Rose Music Company - Your Kisses A2 Pixelife - Mystery Clock B1 Bicep - Echo Vibes B2 Midnight Magic - Same Way I Feel