Ripperton - Let's Hope

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  • The 11-minutes-and-change "Let's Hope" has just about enough to keep you perky, embarking with fizzy snares, a gulping kick drum and some shrill '60s pop scatting. When it settles down, courtesy of rolling jazz piano licks and siren synths, it morphs into a slick house shuffle with something of the Ludovic Navarre about it. Flip it over, and you encounter a Bicep remix of the same. You can't help being cheered by Bicep's 2012 breakthrough—a couple of contenders for house single of the year, roof-raising DJ sets and now their very own label—not least because the Northern Irish duo are proper dance music aficionados. Their reworking of "Let's Hope" features hulking bass synths, Todd Terry-esque rhythm, the merest snatch of a female vocal—fast becoming Bicep trademarks—and a breakdown that starts about last week. As the elephantine analogue synths ooze to a grinning climax, you may wonder what Bicep have in store next. There's still a quarter of the year to go, isn't there?
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      A Let's Hope B Let's Hope (Bicep Remix)