Andrew Grant & Lomez - 3rdWave

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  • Both the Andrew Grant & Lomez tunes here fall into rather pleasantly nondescript territory. Each are well-produced dub house grooves, but lack that little something to really make them stand out. "Wicky" is a nicely reduced brew of swollen sub and chunky beats that aims to hypnotise as it swings pendulously back and forth. The lines are long and unbroken, the gentle chords are comforting and the slicing hi-hats are subtle yet kinetic. "3rdWave" is still somewhat insular but is less business-like, allowing more colour and reverential emotion into the clipped, Jamie Jones-like bottom-end than the more physically focussed opener. The same track gets the DJ Qu treatment and becomes a wholly different beast. Now with many different focus points, the Strength Music boss' vision is a nebulous ecosystem of squelchy acid pricks, shimmering rhythms and bulbous xylophone melodies. It's not unsettling exactly, but seems to skip between shadows, lurking only briefly, before hurrying off around the corner once again.
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      A 3rdwave B 3rdwave (DJ Qu's Infant Keys Remix)