DJ F - Cydonia

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  • Sowing Paranoia's Area 51 is fast developing a distinctive voice. The Barcelona label deals in a few different things—dub and electro mainly—but one consistent feature seems to be the presence of glimmering, intricate melodies, like handfuls of tiny crystals scattered through each record. On number five, it's DJ F—AKA Ideograma—who provides the goods, with "Inca City" and "Forest on Mars." Both open with pretty standard dub techno sounds, but for those patient enough, the two tracks' easy beats and shifting walls of synth open out to reveal spectacular panoramic scenes. The former's cutesy, piping notes are particularly affecting, though the wavering urgency of "Forest on Mars" shouldn't be discounted either. On the A-side, Sowing Paranoia's two cuts sound like the love children of Drexciya and Maximilian Skiba. "Martians Channel" throws more to the former, fostering an ominous atmosphere via ghoulish cries, lightly serrated pads and an omnipresent electro snare. But despite the darker mood, the aforementioned glimmer is never far away. Here, it's presented in the form of droplet-like notes, which ripple up and down the scale at lightning speed. "Cydonia," meanwhile, has a clumsy, roughshod feel. Spaced between fat, lopsided bass, its tarnished bursts of synth seem both slightly off-key and out of time. These are positives, of course. Like Frak's work for Kontra-Musik, Sowing Paranoia's nudges towards degradation are thrilling, no matter how carefully they've been planned.
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      A1 DJ F aka Ideograma - Forest On Mars A2 DJ F aka Ideograma - Inca City B1 Sowing Paranoia - Martians Chanel B2 Sowing Paranoia - Cydonia