tobias. - Freeze

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  • Tobias Freund's music is usually quite approachable. But that's really just a clever trick. Beneath the German's seemingly basic beats, there's an intense attention to detail. This contradiction imbues Perfect Sense, his first record since last year's Leaning Over Backwards, with both dance floor nous and cerebral charm. "Freeze" is about as straightforward as music gets, tickling at the eardrums for close to nine minutes with just four—or perhaps five?—rapid arp notes. Though simple, the motif's rapid delivery renders it slippery, and hard to distinguish. Following it along for a clearer glimpse seems the only sensible option, even if it takes nine minutes out of your day. On the B-side, "Perfect Sense" plays similar games, choosing instant hypnosis over intros and outros. But things feel a little brighter, darting chords adding flavour to the track's steady march, and clusters of classic-sounding snares even able to wrest focus from the engrossing plucked lead, albeit briefly. Like its partner, it proves all too easy to get lost in.
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      A Freeze B Perfect Sense