jozif - Standard Rising EP

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  • There was a tinge of melancholia about much of jozif's Culprit debut in April, which mixed abstract funk with acidic soul and Cure influences. "Standard Rising" is a chirpier affair, a summery carousel of jazz-flecked house and Latin rhythms with a distinctly live feel. The title track has shades of early house. Carried along by shimmering Nile Edwards guitars, X-Fighter lasergun wooshes and aquatic bass, it might be a little too linear for some tastes, but there's no doubting jozif's adroit arrangement skills here. There's more than a hint of Steely Dan on "Guitar Player" in its jazz funk-leaning muted guitar/Wurlitzer piano combo, while "Benny Benjamin" incorporates an extended spoken word sample about drumming into a driving neo-disco workout. Djebali's no-nonsense approach to the latter track, which sees him jump on top of the original with Rhodes organs and stomping percussion is reminiscent of early '00s West Coast house, and might be the most instantly palatable to 4/4 traditionalists.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Standard Rising A2 The Guitar Player B1 Benny Benjamin B2 Benny Benjamin (Djebali Remix)