J Cub feat. Bibi - Crying Over You

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  • Jacob Kelly is one of UK house music's sturdy, reinforced concrete pillars. With Crying Over You, the owner of E.A.R. proves he's still got what it takes when he's in knob-twiddling mode, here for Huxley and Jimmy Poster's Saints & Sonnets. Peculiarly, the EP leads with one of the two remixes. Bournemouth producer BNJMN's debut album last year gained him plenty of fans. He imposes his atmospheric brand of richly-fruited techno on "Crying Over You," eschewing beats save for a kick drum so understated it almost apologises for being there. Instead, the real noise is made by its clanging lead pipe rhythm and dubbed out, truncated vocal. It's low-key yet sticks in the memory. If BNJMN's remake is gentle on beats, the original is entirely devoid of them, Kelly choosing instead to make the most of Bibi's plaintive soul vocal with simple, soft synth chords and intermittent bass drops. Beautiful but you'd be a brave sort to drop it into a set. RDNM's rerub finds the Austrian capturing the subdued mood of the original, introducing summery, soulful keys and even some repetitive beats in the form of organic, live-sounding toms and a bassline that sounds like its been banged out by a wartime telegraph operator.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Crying Over You (BNJMN remix) A2 Crying Over You B Crying Over You (RNDM remix)