Terror Danjah - Dark Crawler EP

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  • Grime is unapologetically steeped in tradition, which is why producers like Terror Danjah have gotten away with largely mining the same ideas for a decade now. Thankfully, the London grime godfather only gets sharper with age, and "Dark Crawler" is the encouraging first salvo from his second artist album. This one harnesses a ferocity we haven't really heard since "Cock Back." But "Dark Crawler" isn't merely Terror looking back at brighter (and more violent) days; instead, it sees him pursuing the rapidly-inflating scope of his recent work to theatrical scale. Gone are the dinky strings and playful melodies, and flown in are realistic string shrieks and drums that toll like death knells instead of eski's dead-end thuds. For the single, the riddim is blessed by Riko Dan, and the London City Warlord's dancehall-styled vocals only add to the track's frantic dread. Every little space is filled in with Riko's harsh syllables, like Terror designed the claustrophobic track with just him in mind. "Dark Crawler" is accompanied by "Fruit Punch," a tumbling barrage of lopsided Funky that alternates between subaquatic delirium a la EPROM and prickly, bass-driven forward momentum.
  • Tracklist
      01. Dark Crawler 02. Fruit Punch