Nick Sinna - The Remixes

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  • You might not have heard Nick Sinna's tough and recent debut on Prime Numbers yet, but already the remixes have arrived. James T Cotton is first up to tackle the aqueous electro-tech of "Voyager" and continues with it down the same path Sinna had started on. Dragging you further down, JTC laces it up with even more squiggly lines, liquid-steel synths and alien spacecrafts until your mind is doing gymnastics trying to keep up. Growing disorientated in such controlled chaos sure is fun, though. Next, you can see why label head Trus'me picked Boris Bunnik to remix "Real Time" because, in its original form, the track deals in a certain dub weightiness as well as a touch of underwater drama (both things at which the Dutchman excels as Conforce and Silent Harbour respectively). It proves a wise choice, as the resulting re-work is another Conforce gem that bangs hard. So hard, in fact, that the wooden hits sound as if they're splintering. It's a high-pressure track with each layer squeezing the next until what's left is like compacted rock: solid, immovable and oh so heavy.
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      A Voyager (James T Cotton Remix) B Real Time (Conforce Remix)