Jay Bliss - Pluto

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  • 2020 Vision has released a wide remit of sounds, from cosmic disco to Mannheim house, but this first EP on the imprint from Jay Bliss takes us back to the days when slick tech house was its bread and butter. The Romanian's palette is a tough and steely one that bares hallmarks of minimalism as much as it does a penchant for frazzled deepness. Arranged like a tightly woven and darkened rhythm track, "Pluto" endlessly drills down beneath a two note hook and scattered synth patterns. Typically bulbous and rubbery, Skudge's version barrels along in bold, battered loops as percussive scrapes and analogue imperfections peel off in all directions. As ever, it's the inherent bounce that makes their work so appealing. Bliss's best effort comes last on "Time Travelling." Immediately establishing a solid 4/4 groove once again, this one is brought to life with subtle and buried melodies and catchy claps. Clean and crisp, it powers onward with little resistance as a bottled sense of euphoria surreptitiously elevates you to the next level with an effective and economical efficiency.
  • Tracklist
      A Pluto (Skudge Remix) B Pluto Digital: Time Travelling
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