Harris Robotis - Luv Me Wrong

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  • Back in April, we published an article entitled Deeper Shades of Melbourne, focussing on the city's burgeoning house scene. But there's one name which slipped through the cracks: Harris Robotis. Despite having been around longer than the new, internationally-recognised guard of Lewie Day et al., this was no doubt because Robotis has always hovered on the commercial tip. True to form, all three tracks on his newest record make extensive use of vocals, with varying effectiveness. The histrionic "Luv Me Wrong" does well, urging diva-like wails into massive crescendos. In the quieter sections, gurgling bass and rapturous electric piano prove a sound accompaniment. Calling in the men for a catchy chant, "Finders Keepers" is much nimbler, leaping from neon stab to neon stab like a monkey between trees, with a bumpy low-end and electric piano lending some punch. This is an EP that wears its heart on its errr...cover, dispensing with finicky details in favour of colourful bombast. In this sense, "Kings of Acid" isn't quite as strong as its partners; its chaotic synth work feels a tad overcooked. More problematic, however, is Robotis' use of a famous but awkwardly re-pitched acapella. Brushing aside this small stumble, the decent Luv Me Wrong still won't be everyone's cup of tea. But, for those who can muster the courage to remove their chinstroking hats, its gambolling, puppy dog demeanour may prove hard to ignore.
  • Tracklist
      01. Kings Of Acid 02. Finders Keepers 03. Luv Me Wrong