Baikal - Just You And Me

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  • A new week, a new label, a familiar proposition: "In an age of endless releases and labels, Maeve aims to release beautiful, special records that will last in the hearts of the public." (As James Murphy might respond, "You want to make something real. You want to make a Yaz record.") But Irishmen-in-Berlin Mano Le Tough and the Drifter are nevertheless off to a strong start with the inaugural release on their new label, Maeve. The newcomer Baikal proves worthy of his namesake—a lake in Siberia, the deepest in the world—on "Just You and Me." It's plenty deep, with luscious synth chords and a spine-tingling high-end, but, unlike so much full-fathom house music these days, its sonics don't sound like a copy of a copy of a copy. It's warm and chilly all at once, both welcoming and a little alien; the Drifter's processed vocals stake down the center while shimmering synth riffs peel off and fly away, drifting into the shadows in slow motion like the specks off a disco ball. "Why Don't Ya" stakes out similar terrain, with crispy jangling percussion and dusky thuds laying the groundwork for a slow swell of harps, arpeggios and mournful voices; there's a hint of monochrome acid in there somewhere, and, below that, a self-effacing bassline. It's not a flashy track, but it leaves an impression.
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      A Just You & Me feat. The Drifter B Why Don't Ya?
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