Birth of Frequency - Another World

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  • When was the last time you encountered a record with a "hard mix" on it? The '90s, probably. But that fact doesn't bother Vinyl Kills mp3, a Berlin-based label with an unabashedly purist and traditional aesthetic. Paris-based Birth of Frequency deals in surging dub techno. But unfortunately, that's almost as much as it's possible to describe his two versions of "Another World Speaks to Us." Constructed with the aid of swooping chords and crisp hi-hats, they offer a tantalising embrace, but one that feels all too familiar. Even the brusquer intensity of the hard mix has trouble breaking the mould. Zadig's remix of "The Stranger" has more success differentiating itself, setting up a neat question and answer motif amid clamorous percussion. Nevertheless, it feels somewhat lacking when compared to last year's slamming "OO_D," or his more punishing remix of Antigone's "The Mechanics." Maybe it's an optimistic sentiment, considering Another World is Birth of Frequency's debut, but it seems like both artists have better in them.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Another World Speaks To Us (Main mix) A2 Another World Speaks To Us (Hard mix) B The Strangerm (Zadig Rave Remix)