Moody - Why Do You Feel

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  • It seems even Moodymann—renowned for being one of the most accomplished sample sorcerers of all—is not impervious to the charms of Lana Del Ray. Kenny Dixon Junior uses vocal snippets from "Born to Die" all throughout the track of the same name here. They're dropped and cut in time with the sprinkling of percussion. A twangy, guitar-played bassline and fluffy kicks, meanwhile, make up the meat of the track. You'll have already made up your mind about LDR, and even Moodymann's deft touch is unlikely to change that. "I Got Werk" is classic Moody: a spartan drum track fleshed out with muted murmurs from the house party going on in the background. The strained but soulful vocal comes from the Detroit man himself and competes with a funky little guitar riff. At times, you almost think your speakers have blown for the way farty belches bleed in, crackling and rasping against the other elements in the already bristling mix. The title track is the sweetest, mostly thanks to the blues-drenched coos and hmms of the female vocal. Tambourine rattles mark various breaks and the kicks sound as knackered as ever as they skip out a pattern. Though ostensibly house music, there's still a dusty and forgotten heritage of black American music embroiled deep within. Few people manage to capture such palpable atmospheres and ambiances, but almost two decades after starting out, Moodymann still does it better than anyone.
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      A Why Do U Feel B1 I Got Werk B2 Born to Die