O.P.T, Muff Deep & Samuel Andre Madsen - Sharwarma House EP

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  • When you share an EP with other artists, do producers get extra competitive? Do they rush to the download charts to see how they are selling—and then, perhaps, send malicious tweets to their rivals? In the case of the Shawarma EP, there appears to be a clear winner. O.P.T's "Street" is an odd little record—part soul jazz noodling, part bludgeoning, old school New Yawk house which almost threatens to submerge it, such is its ferocity. Samuel André Madsen's "Synthony" carries an emotional heft, courtesy of its twinkling synth coda, effervescent snare hiss and squelchy bass, but is just that tad too linear. Which means the gold medal, bouquet of flowers and a kiss from mum goes to Muff Deep's "Lost Soul." Listen carefully and you'll hear proper vinyl record crackles but its primary winning tenets are its firing, discordant tom-toms and snares, which get EQed to within an inch of their lives. That it teases you by threatening to blast through the roof at any moment, although just about keeps its reserve, is part of its charm.
  • Tracklist
      A O.P.T - Street B1 Muff Deep - Lost Soul B2 Samuel Andre Madsen - Synthony