A Made Up Sound - Archive II

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  • After the deeply introspective Air Jordan EP he released as 2562 earlier this year, Dave Huismans might seem to be taking a step back (literally and figuratively) with his latest set of proper club tunes for Clone Basement Series. Where Air Jordan, built up from field recordings made in the Middle East, found the producer employing his considerable chops to new ends, Archive II abides by no overriding concept beyond party advancement and evokes nothing more lofty than a sweaty ceiling. But boy, could you care less: these are two serious workouts, among the best to come out of CBS of late. Huismans, like Rene Pawlowitz and Blawan, does damage with details, calibrating his percussion attacks within a nanometer of accuracy and letting in only those melodies which are absolutely essential. "Hang Up" is a prime example of this: layered drums scratch away at dissonant synth loops in a wonderfully elastic composition, leaving eardrums abused and tremendously entertained. "Sweet Back" has a harder edge and creepier vibe—it sounds like unspeakable violence is being directed at its kick drum—but a well-placed breakdown ensures things never get too serious. Paired with a similarly bone-rattling release due out on 50 Weapons, these tracks confirm Huismans can go for the gut as forcefully as anyone.
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      A Hang Up B Sweet Back