Fracture feat. Dawn Day Night - Get Busy

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  • Addison Groove has said that he created "Footcrab" as a way of providing a transition from dubstep into juke and footwork in his DJ sets, and Fracture's "Get Busy" feels like it has been designed with a similar intention in mind. This time, though, the approach to Chicago's breakneck style is routed through drum & bass. "Get Busy" is really two tracks in one. The first minute-and-a-half channels late '90s techstep vibes, with a rolling, satisfyingly woody break set against ominous strings and bell tones. But after a beatless stretch of growling foghorn bass, the tune abruptly shifts into a snapping, shuffling pattern modeled after footwork's rapid-fire shakers and snare tattoos. It doesn't really sound like footwork proper; the serrated bass riffs and high-def menace could only come from drum & bass. With its half-speed swagger and triple-time detailing—808 rimshots, hi-hats and cowbells flying like splinters—it's definitely not drum & bass as we're used to it either. It sounds amazing: The handclap alone deserves some kind of award. Best of all is the way the tune keeps ducking and feinting, pausing in its hectic, headlong tumble to luxuriate in a pitch-shifted breakbeat, or dropping out the beat to revel in a particularly gnarly bass modulation. It's a dazzling display of rhythmic prowess.
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      A Fracture feat. Dawn Day Night - Get Busy B Fracture - Get Down to the Funky Beat