Joseph McGeechan - Failed by the Conformists

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  • Taking its cues from the fervent, unadulterated sound pioneered by Downwards, Failed by the Conformists is exactly what one might expect it to be, both eponymously and aurally. Not predictable in the negative sense of the word, rather it embodies all the positive qualities of the genre with an extra bit of wind in its sails. The three versions here each emphasise something slightly different, keeping things interesting and exhibiting a reasonable degree of flexibility. So, we have the original version sounding like a choir from hell beating time on a Roman galley while huge knives are being sharpened overhead. K209, AKA Milton Bradley and Henning Baer, turn in a more reserved interpretation which, while letting the drums continue to dominate, sounds hazy and spaced-out. The industrial strength overtures of Ancient Methods then close the package, bringing it to a stuttering, bowel-shaking conclusion under the auspices of some apocalyptic steam hammer beats.
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      A1 Failed By The Conformists A2 Failed By The Conformists (K209 Remix) B Failed By The Conformists (Ancient Methods Sgt. Howie Remix)