Uma - Wild at Heart

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  • Lilting electronic pop reminiscent of the Berlin Wohnzimmer-scene of the late '90s gets a contemporary update on a new single from Uma, a Berlin-based husband-and-wife duo. "Wild at Heart," originally released on Uma's Drop Your Soul EP, arranges singer Ella Zwietnig's harmonies in a round-like formation over bare-bones drum machine and synthesizer. It's as reassuring as a children's lullaby. The Drifter, an Irish producer based in Berlin, avails himself of the duo's floaty sonics to create a deep techno remix that feels just as buoyant; I'm reminded of the way that Dial Records' Lawrence put a crisp, electronic spin on similar indie-pop releases from Monika Enterprise around the turn of the millennium. Doc Daneeka's "Dream Machine Mix" is the EP's clear standout: Making the most of the original's hazy vocals, he toughens up the tune with a percussive UK house groove and detuned organ stabs. The results are deep, slightly dubby and as dreamy as the title promises.
  • Tracklist
      01. Wild at Heart 02. Wild at Heart (Doc Daneeka's Dream Machine Mix) 03. Wild at Heart (The Drifter Remix)