Juho Kahilainen - We Heard It Coming

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  • Juho Kahilainen has kept his production output rather sparse since crafting a pair of mind-bending records on the then-fledgling Prologue imprint back in 2009. Here, midway through 2012, we see the Finnish techno producer recruited by Italy's M_Rec LTD for a four-track, grey-colored vinyl, We Heard It Coming, on the label's new Grey Series offshoot. According to the record's insert, the new series aims to celebrate "the reclusiveness of techno," and Kahilainen makes such intentions immediately clear on the A-side with a noir-ish sketch for piano and the eight minute-long title track. Emerging from (and fading into) what seems to be the sounds of a thunderstorm, "We Heard It Coming" reveals a sky full of twinkling frequencies for heads to get lost in, while things lurch forward with uneven 303 hiccups and a distinctively sinister combination of claps and hisses. The B-side keeps to similar themes. "Rotko," with its insistently skittish percussion, is the record's most direct moment, but one still marked with anxiety by swollen minor-key chords that weave in and out of the mix. "The Less We Try" winds down the EP with captivating polyrhythmic interplay, and high-end beeps similar to those in the title track—although this time it all comes covered in cloudy, evocative synth tones. Overall, a diverse return to form for Kahilainen and a solid start for Grey Series.
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      A1 Interlude A2 We Heard It Coming B1 Rotko B2 The Less We Try