Layo & Bushwacka! - Dancing in the Dark Remixes

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  • Rather than spill the beans in advance of their new album—their first for six years—tech house deities Layo & Bushwacka! pass over "Dancing in the Dark" to remixers. What we do know is that it has inspired Guy Gerber & DJ Tennis to head along the ghostly house route with their take. Otherworldly, cotton wool-fluffy keyboard phrases peter in and out, locking into a mid-paced groove that is only briefly and mildly distracted from its path. If its intention is to fly under the radar, then it succeeds. Audiofly's interpretation is an altogether more complex and ultimately more satisfying record, the portentous vocal—something of an L&B! staple—pushed high up into the mixed from the outset. It's filled out with clanging nautical bells, feline analogue synths and waspish percussive stabs that get more irritable as the track builds to snarling denouement.
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      A Dancing in the Dark feat. Cevin Fisher (Audiofly Remix) B Dancing in the Dark feat. Cevin Fisher (Guy Gerber & DJ Tennis Remix)