Hackman & Bluto - What Matters

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  • Among an endless spawn of young producers at the nexus of contemporary UK dance music, Hackman has been a quietly excellent presence in a landscape as formless as the Leeds producer's output. With a tape-worn kung-fu film panpipe and calypso marimba in tow, Hackman returns here with a Bluto-assisted anvil-thudding UK garage/house hybrid. It has "summer festival banger" written all over its wifebeater and straw hat. On the B-side, James Fox does away with the peak time chord stabs and rolling marimba, and in the process manages to remove most of what makes the original so vibrant. Which would be fine if it had been refitted to any significant extent, but the Londoner's resulting remix is little more than a perfunctory slab of deep house, with all the dynamism of the original lost in a vacuum of bongos and listless swooshes.
  • Tracklist
      A What Matters B What Matters (James Fox Remix)