Photonz - Hurt Me Hurt Me

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  • Lisbon's Photonz are a hard act to pin down. Their catalog includes everything from gnarled EBM to cosmic slow house, but in any capacity, they're clearly big proponents of tracky, classicist-leaning dance music. That said, like many of the releases on Unknown to the Unknown, Hurt Me Hurt Me imparts a dynamic, futurist spirit. The ten-minute title track is thoroughly influenced by the synth pop and Italo disco that mark early Chicago house mixes, but it presents a comparatively pumped-up take. Photonz spend its duration weaving in and out of passages, and in this it recalls Ron Hardy's extended edits, sounding less like a solitary track than a sort of minimix. It culminates in some entrancing final minutes, wherein the prior elements lock into punishing repetition, underscored by a visceral shout. "Veracruz" applies a similar palette to jacking house, allowing flitting arpeggios and molten, delayed square bass to roll over the drums. Shadow Dancer offer a complementary remix of the track, essentially speeding up its elements to match a booming, angular electro rhythm. It doesn't offer much beyond a genre adjustment, but to be fair, even the original is dwarfed by the bombastic "Hurt Me Hurt Me."
  • Tracklist
      01. Hurt Me Hurt Me 02. Veracruz 03. Veracruz (Shadow Dancer Remix)