Tuccillo - House 19 EP

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  • When others drift away from Ibiza come the closing parties, Giuseppe Tuccillo remains, squirrelling himself away in his studio working on EPs like this one. A rap sheet that includes releases for 20:20 Vision and Freerange is evidence enough of his provenance. His first outing on Tomoki Tamura's London-based Holic Trax follows up Mr G's debut contribution earlier this year with four meaty house cuts. "House 19" is an en vogue old school-flavoured tough jam, punctuated with Yamaha DX100-style stabs (think Nitro Deluxe and Inner City) before "Eves Sky" moves things into dubbier territory via breezeblock-heavy bass keys and crunching percussion. Things get interesting on the digital-only "Dubao," a kind of moody techno military march with electronic beeps and buzzes pinging and popping around it like electrons circling a nucleus. An exclusive 10-inch coloured vinyl-only cut, "PercussHolic," telegraphs its intentions with its title, descending into a chattering groove built on restrained 808 claps, filtered tom-toms and mildly acidic pads, capping off a highly proficient, if utilitarian, EP.
  • Tracklist
      A House 19 B1 Eves Sky B2 PercussHolic